Duplex House Plan with GharPlanner

A duplex house plan is for a Single-family home that is built as a single dwelling G+1 Floor having one kitchen & Dinning.  Duplex Hose plans give a villa look and feel in Budget area. If the building is in high-density areas such as busy cities or on more expensive waterfront property, this type of home can be a great investment option for the future. GharPlanner offers complete customized plans of various styles, sizes and configurations of Duplex House Plans.  Existing plans can also be modified by the expert team of GharPlanner. There are various styles of duplex house plan :

  1. Standard Duplex House Plan
  2. Budget Duplex House Plan
  3. Luxurious Duplex House Plans
  4. Row Housing Duplex House Plan
  5. Basement with Duplex House Plan
  6. Independent Floor with Duplex House Plan
  7. Commercial Cum Duplex House Plan
  8. Garage with Duplex House plan
  9. Duplex House plan with Servant Room
  10. Twin House Duplex House Plan
  11. Independent Floor type Duplex House Plan
  12. Duplex House plans with internal stairs
  13. Duplex House plans with external stairs
  14. Double Duplex House Plans

For more details and any requirement you can visit us at http://www.gharplannner.com or mail us at info@gharplanner.com


GharPlanner.com is a platform where Architects, Civil engineers, Interior Designers and Marketing Professionals from different locations has joined hands to provide cost effective architectural solution online

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